Who We Are



Ralph, the founder and director of OM Music Sanctuary, is a multi-instrumentalist with over 40 years' experience as a performing musician. He is also an experienced studio and live sound engineer. Known widely for his friendly and engaging manner and his passion for sharing music with others, he teaches acoustic and electric guitar from beginner to advanced levels and is the lead studio engineer at OM.



Classically trained in piano from the age of five, Liz has decades of experience playing piano and cello as a soloist, in small groups and large ensembles. She has also sung in several choirs, enjoying international tours and performances in a wide range of venues. She loves improvising and expanding her repertoire of styles to include jazz, pop and rock. Passionate about the benefits of music, she is training as a Music Therapist.  At OM, Liz teaches piano and assists Ralph with managing the project. 



Donna began singing young, joining the Edinburgh Junior Choir while at primary school. She won prizes in the Edinburgh Musical (Competitive) Festival, Scottish Co-Operative Arts Festival & Gaelic Mod, as a soloist, duet partner and choir member; she also performed with amateur operatic groups in her teens. As an adult she trained with a teacher who sang with the English National Opera, and performed at a semi­-professional level. Donna gives singing lessons at OM, and while classically trained, her technique and teaching methods can be applied to any singing style or musical genre.



Iain has years of experience as a drummer and percussionist, both playing and teaching. He has played in many bands covering a wide range of musical styles, and strongly believes in the power of music to bring out the best in people. At OM, Iain teaches drumming and percussion, and is always on hand to add beats to members' recordings.



Ady's main instrument is the guitar, both acoustic and electric, but he also enjoys playing drums, bass guitar, and keyboards. At OM, his main focus is on collaboration through group music sessions, exploring songs, creating original songs and compositions, and recording these. He also teaches guitar and bass guitar, and likes to throw a little bit of music theory into the mix as well.



Sven has been playing instruments and using recording equipment for decades. He can produce music from electronica to acoustic, and brings his considerable skills and friendly manner to OM Music Sanctuary to help members create their own tracks.